Eyewear bag with microfibre, perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection

In the pursuit of fashion and environmental protection today, we introduce you a microfibre eyewear bag made of eyewear material, it is a special eyewear material, which is made of recycled plastic bottles, this eyewear bag is not only soft and comfortable, but also wear-resistant and durable, this eyewear bag's design is simple and generous, the customer can design their own brand pattern, and can be printed with a variety of obvious patterns, which is suitable for matching with all kinds of eyewear. It is suitable for all kinds of glasses. We can customise its size, which can easily store various sizes of glasses to meet is market demand, at the same time, highlight the brand's distinctive image and the concept of environmental protection.

Its thickness can be selected, the effect of each thickness is different, more brands of customers choose thick material to make eyewear bag, printed with LOGO, to promote the concept of environmental protection.

We need to contribute to the cause of environmental protection, starting from an eyewear bag to convey our care for the environment.

Contact me for more information about the material and we can work together.

Post time: Dec-22-2023