In the business world, trust is the foundation of cooperation. However, sometimes, for various reasons, partners may lose trust. In such cases, re-establishing trust often requires a great deal of effort.

Recently, I went through such ups and downs with a Lithuanian customer, but in the end we managed to rebuild trust and complete our first cooperation. At first, he didn’t fully trust our company because he said he had been scammed before and that he had paid the supplier forthe goods, but the supplier didn’t ship them to him. In order to make him trust me, we provided detailed product information, company information, account information and my personal identity information, but he still had reservations about us.

As time went on, we kept discussing about the features of the eyewear packaging, we provided him with a lot of valuable product information, and eventually he started to revisit our relationship and reevaluate our integrity.

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To rebuild trust, I took the initiative to maintain close communication with him. We shared information on company updates, product quality control, and how our team ensured the successful fulfillment of orders. At the same time, I provided our customer testimonials and feedback to prove our past performance and credibility.

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After a period of communication and exchange, he gradually began to trust me. He said he recognized our professional competence and was willing to trust us to deliver quality products on time. Finally, he decided to cooperate with us and placed an important order.

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This experience made me realize deeply that it takes time and effort to rebuild trust. However, we can do it as long as we insist on honesty, professionalism and responsibility. Honesty is very important, and we are friends with every customer, and we are willing to work with all of our friends and discuss how to design glasses packaging together. I look forward to continuing to work with our Lithuanian customers in the future to achieve more business success.

Post time: Nov-09-2023