May 2014, Introduce the latest mold opening technology

We will customize the corresponding mold according to the customer’s product requirements. Because the materials for making the mold are different, the quality of the product is also different. In terms of the tool for cutting the mold, we have always used ordinary cutting, and the edge of the product will be rough. The aesthetics are not very good and cannot meet more customer needs. In May 2014, we introduced advanced laser mold opening technology, the surface and edge of the product will be smoother, the workmanship will be more exquisite, and the quality will be better, which greatly enhances our competitiveness in the glasses case market. Using laser mold-opening technology, we can basically produce glasses cases of all materials, models, and shapes on the market.

Under normal circumstances, in order to keep the mold sharp, the laser mold needs to be maintained and repaired regularly, and the number of maintenance and repair of the ordinary mold is less. Of course, we will not charge for maintenance, which will be borne by the factory. A new product requires a new set of molds. If you choose a mold from a warehouse, there will be no mold fee.

Of course, there are other molds, such as forming molds, LOGO molds, etc., which can be used repeatedly, with very little maintenance cost, or even no maintenance cost.

We provide customers with design products, modifications, molds, preservation of molds, design drafts and samples, and sorting out matching accessories. We establish management files for each customer and keep these documents confidential. When we get the client’s design draft, firstly, the research department discusses what material would be better and more suitable for the product, we must ensure that the product will not have any accident during the production process, and secondly, we use the confirmed material to make the sample .

We have warehouse staff who sort and keep these molds, who sort the molds and inspect them regularly. For each product, we keep all the information when making samples, molds and templates, product craftsmanship, size or certificate, which makes it easy for us to distinguish the authenticity of the product. In the future, we hope that more people will join us, and we can work together Discuss the production and craftsmanship of a product, study its shape or size together, etc. If you wish to keep your products private, we are more than happy to treasure them with you.

Welcome inquiries from all over the world! We would like to send you our best offer according to your requirements.

Post time: May-25-2014