May 2022, Our Added new production lines, and replaced the old equipment

Jiangyin Xinghong Eyewear Case Co., Ltd. on May 14, 2022, we made a new decision, we adjusted the old production line, added new production lines, and replaced the old equipment, we replaced the new one for making LOGO Machine, the original machine has only a single function, the new machine has 5 kinds of processes, stable performance, simple operation, high safety, it can make the process of LOGO better and more, we also replaced the hot pressing machine, the original machine One side of the operation board, the new machine can adjust higher temperature, can make the glue firmer, flat and wide operation board, can produce 50 products per minute, it is our product with higher production capacity and more stable quality. We also replaced with new new cutting machine and fully automatic glue machine.

We can make the quality of products more stable.

At the same time, we have added 2 quality inspection processes in the quality inspection to test the qualification of the products and whether the environmental protection materials meet the standards, including the durability of the materials.

We hope to provide every customer with products of good quality and low price. Thanks for the company of old customers and the trust of new customers,

Choose us, we will always work hard and stick to our beliefs.

Post time: May-14-2022