Today we discuss the difference between genuine leather and imitation leather

Many merchants in the market say that their eyewear cases are made of genuine leather, today we will talk about the difference between these 2 materials, in fact, genuine leather and imitation leather are two very different materials, their appearance and performance are very different. Understanding how to recognize the difference between genuine leather and imitation leather is very important for consumers when buying glasses boxes.

Genuine leather is processed from animal skin, its texture is natural, soft, breathable, and has a certain degree of elasticity and toughness. Eyewear cases made of genuine leather have good durability and service life, and will gradually produce natural luster with the passage of time. Since genuine leather is expensive, very, very few customers buy genuine leather eyewear cases, so genuine leather is usually used for many high-grade shoes, bags, garments and so on.

Imitation leather is a kind of artificial leather made by chemical synthesis method, its appearance and performance is similar to real leather, but the price is relatively low, also very environmentally friendly, imitation leather eyewear case texture and color tend to be more exaggerated, the texture is relatively hard, and the breathability is also general. Imitation leather eyewear cases are usually used in some medium brands, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly is also very durable, and the surface pattern is more.

There are many customers will not recognize the difference between them, then we can start from the following aspects when identifying:

1. Observe the appearance: the natural texture of genuine leather, color shades, while the texture of imitation leather is more regular, relatively uniform color.

2. touch texture: leather touch soft, elastic, while the imitation leather compared to the hard, lack of elasticity.

3. check the material: leather is processed from animal skin, while the imitation leather is man-made.

4. Smell: leather will have a natural leather flavor, while the imitation leather will have some chemical smell.

5. burning test: leather burning will send out a special burnt flavor, while imitation leather burning will send out a pungent odor.

In short, understand the difference between genuine leather and imitation leather for consumers in the purchase of leather products is very important. Consumers can identify genuine leather and imitation leather by observing the appearance, touching the texture, checking the material, smelling the odor and combustion test, etc. However, for the sake of environmental protection, we prefer to recommend the use of imitation leather, which is more environmentally friendly, and it protects the animals from being harmed, and with the advanced technology, the softness of high-grade imitation leather can be close to the genuine leather.

Protect the earth, protect the animals, let's take action.

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Post time: Jan-31-2024