W105 Factory pu/pvc Leather Handmade iron eyewear Case sunglasses case

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Name Handmade sunglasses case
Item No. W105
size  15.5*6.2*5.7cm/custom
MOQ 1000 /pcs
Material PU/PVC leather

Handmade leather iron piece eyewear cases provide several advantages.

Handmade eyewear cases have an outer layer of leather, which can be PVC or PU, and an iron center, which makes the eyewear case stronger and provides better protection for the glasses, as well as better texture and quality. The details and shape of each eyewear case can be different, thus making each eyewear case have its unique characteristics and style. In addition, these handmade eyewear cases are usually made of high quality materials, thus providing better quality and durability.

The lining material of eyewear cases is velvet, and the soft velvet can better protect eyewear from damages such as scratches, impacts and deformation.

Handmade eyewear cases offer better personalization options. Each eyewear case can be customized according to the customer’s needs and preferences, and can be customized in color, material, size, and shape, thus making each eyewear case can be a unique piece of art.

Finally, handmade eyewear cases also offer better brand image and credibility. If you have a unique design with unique colors and printed logos, then each eyewear case can be a representation of the brand, thus helping to improve brand image and credibility.

Handmade eyewear cases offer multiple advantages, including better texture and quality, better protection, better personalization options, and better brand image and credibility.

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