J06 Factory Customized EVA Hard Travel Computer Organiser electronics organizer case

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Name EVA Computer  Bag
Item No. J06
size 345*255*49mm/custom
MOQ custom LOGO  500/pcs
Material EVA

EVA computer bag is a daily necessity for many people, as a factory, we are very aware of the characteristics of the product from research and development to trial, we use not ordinary EVA material, but high-density EVA material, with excellent cushioning performance, effectively prevent the external impact on the damage to the computer, the inner layer of the unique design, give full consideration to the user’s protection of the computer’s needs, the internal space is reasonable, can accommodate different models of computers, as well as other essentials. The interior space is reasonable and can accommodate different types of computers, as well as other necessities, we choose high-quality fabrics with excellent abrasion resistance and durability, to ensure that the life of the computer bag.EVA computer organiser bag, both practical and fashionable, is the ideal choice for our daily work and life, we believe that consumers are very much in need of a high-quality computer organiser bag. If you are interested in computer bags, please contact me for more information.

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