J07 EVA Eco-friendly Plastic Bottle Recyclable Fabric Steamdeck Organiser Bag

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Name Steamdeck Organiser Bag
Item No. J05
size  320*144*63MM/custom
MOQ custom LOGO  1000/pcs
Material EVA

With the development of technology, game consoles have become an indispensable part of our lives. However, while enjoying the fun of gaming, how to properly store the game console to avoid damage or loss has become a headache for many players. For this reason, we have launched a special Steamdeck console storage bag made of recyclable fabrics from eco-friendly plastic bottles.

The bag is made of recycled plastic bottle fabric, which not only has good durability, but also can effectively protect the console from external damage. At the same time, the interior of the bag is padded with soft materials that provide enough cushioning to prevent the console from being shaken or bumped during transport.

The size of the storage bag is professionally customised for gaming consoles. In order to keep the gaming console better, the gaming console storage bag is also equipped with multiple small pockets for users to conveniently store gamepads, headphones and other accessories. The organiser bag is also waterproof.
Meanwhile, we accept all the customization of the game console organizer bag, you can customize the colour, size, material and so on, we prefer challenging work, developing new models is a very fulfilling thing, looking forward to our work together, contact me for more product information.

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