XHP-027 Factory Customized Rectangular Handmade PU Leather Folding Glasses Case

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Name Leather eyewear pouch
Item No. XHP-027
size  18*9cm/custom
MOQ 500 /pcs
Material PU/PVC leather

Nowadays, soft vegan leather eyewear bags are very popular in the market, it is very convenient to organize glasses.

1. High comfort: soft vegan leather material makes eyewear bag more comfortable, because its softness reduces the friction and discomfort on glasses.

2. Protect your eyewear bag: Inside the eyewear bag is soft, plush velvet, which effectively protects your eyewear from damage caused by hard objects scratching or falling. This is especially important for high-value eyeglasses. Leather eyewear bag has good dustproof and anti-fogging performance, which can effectively keep the glasses clean and clear and prolong their service life

3. Convenient to carry: soft leather eyewear bag can be easily put into the pocket, schoolbag or handbag, convenient to carry, so that people do not need to worry about the storage of glasses when traveling.

4. Personalization: soft leather eyewear bags can be personalized according to personal preferences, such as size, printed with a specific pattern or color, making it more personalized and fashionable.

All in all, it is very cost-effective, soft leather, simple design, and can store any size of glasses. If you need samples, please contact me, we don't charge for samples when we have samples in stock.

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