W112 Factory Custom Handmade large eyewear case from velvet microfiber cloth

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Name Handmade eyewear case
Item No. W112
size  17*5.2*5.2cm/custom
MOQ 1000 /pcs
Material PU/PVC leather

The arrival of winter not only brings cold weather, but also brings a lot of inconvenience to our daily life. Especially in the morning every day, when we pick up the cold eyewear case and take out our glasses, we always feel incredibly cold. At this time, a warm fluffy handmade eyewear case can bring you endless warmth.

This fluffy handmade eyewear case is made of soft and cozy fluffy fabric as the surface material, which feels great and gives you a warm touch in winter. The appearance of the eyewear case is unique and fashionable, and the material in the center is iron sheet, which is very sturdy.

What’s more, the large design of this eyewear case can hold more glasses and give you more protection. It is also very practical with a well-planned interior space, which allows you to organize and store your glasses easily.

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