WT-34A custom 2 /4/5/6 folding eyewear case black

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Name 2 eyewear case
Item No. WT-34A
size 17.5*7*7cm/custom
MOQ 500 /pcs
Material PU/PVC leather

Two-payment leather eyeglass cases are a very practical and convenient accessory. These eyeglass cases are usually made of high-quality leather or faux leather and therefore offer a high level of durability and comfort. Their main advantages include:

1. Protection of glasses: these cases provide excellent protection against scratches or damage. The softness of the leather material can cushion the friction between the glasses and the case, ensuring the safety of the glasses.
2. EASY TO CARRY: The two-payment leather eyeglass case is lightweight and small in size, which can be easily put into your pocket or bag, making it convenient for users to carry it when they are out and about.
3. Easy to clean: Leather material is usually easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth. This makes it easier to clean the eyeglass case and also extends its service life.
4. Stylish and Elegant: The elegance and stylishness of the leather material can enhance the user's overall dressing style and taste.
5. Multi-functional: In addition to storing eyeglasses, this eyeglass case can also be used to store other small items such as jewelry or electronic devices, increasing its practicality.

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